Friday, June 15, 2012

IIT Faculty Federation's suggestions to the Prime Minister

Restore IITs autonomy by officially seeking ratification / acceptance from the various IIT Senates on the CET decided by IIT Council: Since the Council / MHRD has announced officially the new CET, each IITs should now be given the following choices: (a) accept the proposed CET as it is, (b) accept the proposed CET with specific conditions or riders and (c) reject the proposed CET and have its own admission process (the IIT Kanpur model). This action and process is mandatory to uphold the autonomy of each of the IITs.

Changes should be only from 2014 or later: Current test pattern (JEE and AIEEE) should continue at least for the year 2013. Sufficient time (at least two years) must be provided for kicking in major, sweeping changes in any admission process of such high stakes. The entire processes and procedures should be tested as a dry run during 2013 for which data is presently not available even as of today. In addition, the normalisation scheme should be analysed and validated for consistency.

Proposed CET increases stress: The concept of One Exam for India will be a make or break test, as candidates not faring well on that particular day/test due to whatever reason will need to wait for one full year before he/she can compete again. It is clear that such a make or break CET will only add to stress, far from reducing it.

Normalization of board marks needs more studies, as suggested by Indian Statistical Institute. In general, IIT Senates are in favour of considering board performance, but the exact mechanism needs to be finalized jointly by IIT Senates.

The coaching may increase: Coaching for board examination will also start, as evidenced by the recent advertisements. This will make it difficult for students from financially weak backgrounds, and from rural backgrounds.

Who will conduct the examination? IITs have been conducting JEE since last 4 decades. JEE has established itself world over. So, taking the JEE out of IITs is not justifiable.

Specific Requests
No change in the year 2013, present system to continue.
Senates of IITs be allowed to take decision on admission in IITs (considering all relevant aspects like format of examination, modalities etc) ensuring the academic autonomy of the IITs.
Consideration of board marks from 2014 to be worked out over a period of time after analysing the board data and results from the dry run.

Source:, June 15, 2012

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