Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hungary may emerge safe destination for students

Hungary may soon become a viable alternative destination for lakhs of Indian students looking for quality education in countries tolerant towards immigrants. India has initiated dialogue with Hungary to facilitate cooperation between institutions of excellence in both the countries, opening an additional option for Indian students to get high-class education at most competitive prices. The co-operation would also provide an alternate option to Indian students who are unable to complete education in countries like Australia where there has been a spate of attacks on Indian students.

"I have discussed with Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai on how Hungary could become a hub for Indian students looking for safe and economical destination for studies," said Commerce and Industry minister Anand Sharma. Asked if Hungary is being explored due to recent spate of attack on Indian students in Australia, Mr. Sharma, who led a business delegation to the Central European country, said, "without going into that I will only say this is a very peaceful country."

Educationists and government officials from both the countries are expected to visit educational institutions in each others countries. A formal package for Indian students may be developed later. Currently several institutions in Hungary are not recognised by educational bodies in India. This prevents movement of students as a degree in Hungary may not be recognised in India. "This a problem area and in next rounds of discussions, efforts would be made to resolve the issue," Indian ambassador to Hungary Ranjit Rae said.

Some of the popular technical and higher education institutions in Hungary are Semmelweis University, Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Imre Haynal University of heath Sciences, University of Szeged (among top 100 universities of the world), University of Debrecen, University of Pecs (one of the largest universities in Europe). "All Hungarian universities take a large number of foreign students. There is a surplus capacity in these institutions that could also be tapped for Indian students. Besides high standards of education, Hungary provides a safe destination for Indian students," Mr Rae said. Being a gateway to Western Europe and now a part of European Union, residency options in the country extends its eligibility to most European countries. Hungary is also set to take up the presidency of EU in 2011.

Source: The Economic Times, February 5, 2010

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