Friday, May 07, 2010

Internship offers from smaller firms attract foreign students

It is destination India for a lot of overseas students as they head to be part of Indian companies for their internships. But it is not only the Infosys and Tatas that are attracting talent. Even smaller companies are now becoming attractive for foreign students. An IT company, Extentia, based in Pune, is inviting youngsters from Europe, the US and the West Asia to its global internship programme. Foreign students have been queuing up and competing with each other to work with Extentia. Giants such Infosys and Tatas have been running internship prorgrammes for a long time. Infosys has been doing it for 10 years and Tatas have been doing the same since 2006. But a much smaller company like Extentia Information Technology too has been into it for the last eight years and has gradually built up its own brand and fan following.

Infosys has its global internship programme, InStep, to attract talent from across the globe and foster a multi-cultural environment within the organiszation and bring in diverse perspectives with Infosys’ founder NR Narayana Murthy, as chief mentor. InStep has a membership of 650 alumni. The Tata Group offers international summer internships through the Tata Advanced Internship Programme (TAIP) which aims at garnering talent from premier international B-Schools in the US and Europe.

But for Infosys and Tata that are now globally recognized brands, attracting students is not difficult and they have considerable resources and management bandwidth to execute it. Extentia has worked hard on its global internship programme and maintained the enthusiasm and seriousness despite limited resources. “We are investing in building a brand and have dozens of brand ambassadors. This also give a lot of international exposure to our people. These exchanges are eye-openers,” says Umeed Kothavala, founder and CEO of Extentia. Extentia is a 11-year-old 200-people company delivering IT solutions across the globe from its Pune facility. Extentia has had 80 interns from 10 countries – UK, Germany, France, Italy, US, Canada, Singapore, Egypt, New Zealand and Morocco.

Source: Financial Express, May 7, 2010

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