Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Open to partner in education sector: UB Group CEO

After liquor, airlines, Formula 1 racing and cricket's Indian Premier League, UB Group Chief Vijay Mallya says his group is open to the idea of testing waters in higher education and perhaps join hands with Transport Minister Kamal Nath's Institute of Management Technology (IMT). IMT, where Nath is the president, is currently on an expansion mode and is planning a new campus in Hyderabad by 2011. At present, it has two centres at Ghaziabad and Nagpur, besides one overseas campus in Dubai. "If there is an opportunity, I would love to discuss with (IMT), because I truly believe in it...I genuinely believe that this (education sector) is the future (of India)," UB Group Chairman Vijay Mallya told PTI when asked if he would tie up with IMT in its expansion drive.

He, however, declined to discuss details but said: "Over a period of time, education is the only way for the country to realise its full potential. I am delighted to know that IMT is going to Hyderabad. I encourage them to do even more. The quality, standards, the teaching standards -- they have to be maintained obviously". Talking about IMT's expansion plans, Nath said: "We will open one more institute in Hyderabad. The question is not only about opening one more institute, its about imparting quality and people should get the benefit out of it." He said the upcoming centre will start its academic session from 2011 and will accommodate 360-400 students. Asked about the investment for setting up the Hyderabad campus, Nath declined to comment and said, "It comes from sources generated from IMT."

Source: Business Standard, March 22, 2010

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