Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Indo-U.S. council to boost education

The enhanced partnership between the Indian and American governments in several spheres has also brought about significant changes in the education sector. The two countries are now working closely towards setting of an Indo-U.S. Education Council. The council will ensure greater cooperation in the sector.

HRD minister Kapil Sibal, who was part of a high-level Indian delegation to the U.S., said: "The council will be in place before the visit of U.S. President Barack Obama to India. It will be formally announced at that time". The minister said the council would involve academicians, entrepreneurs and government representatives as its members.

Sibal, who had met U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton and discussed bilateral cooperation in education, said the two countries were working towards "equivalence of educational degrees". He said, "We are working towards evolving a basic minimum procedure for equivalence of degrees".

As far as the foreign education providers’ Bill was concerned, the minister, who met the heads of various U.S. higher education institutions, said they were keenly awaiting the passing of the legislation. The Bill has been referred to a standing committee. "We must first decide whether this Bill is good for us or not. We will lose out on big investment opportunities if we reject this Bill", Sibal said.

Source: Mail Today, June 10, 2010

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