Saturday, August 07, 2010

University of Newcastle graduates commanding top salaries

Graduates from the University of Newcastle (Australia) are more likely to be paid above the national average in their first job in the industry, according to the annual survey of graduates. The 2009 Australian Graduate Survey found the median starting salary of Newcastle bachelor degree graduates was $50,000. It is a $3000 increase on 2008 figures and $2000 more than the national average of $48,000. The top three-ranked fields for graduate salaries were; engineering - $56,000, earth sciences - $55,000 and physical sciences - $52,000.

Engineering graduates remain in high demand, with 100 per cent of electrical engineering graduates finding full-time work within four months of finishing their degree, compared to the national average of 84.5 per cent. Civil engineering and medicine graduates found work quickly after completing their qualification, with more than 96 per cent finding full-time employment within four months.

Graduate Careers Australia, who conduct the graduate survey, said the global financial crisis meant it took longer for 2009 graduates to find full-time work. This trend was also reflected at the University of Newcastle, with 75.3 per cent of bachelor graduates finding full-time work in 2009.

Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nicholas Saunders, said despite the economic challenges, Newcastle graduates were well-prepared for a competitive job market. "Newcastle's innovative blended approach to teaching and learning ensures graduates are equipped to hit the ground running," he said.

Source: Newcastle Herald, August 7, 2010

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