Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New visa arrangement will help UK attract brightest students

The new arrangement for visas to UK will help that country continue to attract the brightest and best students, while ensuring that only bonafide and suitably qualified students enter it, a top official of the British High Commission said today in Bangalore.

"The UK and every UK education provider is reputable. The UK is committed to minimising abuse of the student route by those whose primary motivation is not to study, but to work", British Deputy High Commissioner Richard Hyde told reporters. He said the changes announced would protect the interests of high quality Indian students but are 'bad news' for students, institutions and unscrupulous agents who have tried to abuse the student visa route. UK's largest visa operation worldwide is in India, where about half a million applications were processed in 2010, he said.

Hyde said the Business Express Programme for accredited company members and Fast Track service for previous travellers are examples of how UKBA continues to work with key partners to make the visa service quicker, more efficient and effective. Applicants are advised not to submit forged documentation or false information with visa applications. Those who do risk a 10-year ban on all visa applications to UK. Applicants do not need an agent to make a UK visa application as all information is available on websites free of charge, he said.

Source: The Economic Times (Online Edition), April 12, 2011

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