Saturday, May 07, 2011

Harvard brings e-learns for Indian managers

For all those busy, on-the-go corporate managers, tips on how to face the daily management challenges will soon be available on the push of a button as applications on mobile devices. Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) is launching an e-learning tool for managers in India this year, while other institutes like the Wharton's Executive Education Division have shown an interest in meeting such needs of the Indian manager.

The mobile offering by HBP, for instance, will be available on major mobile platforms including Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices. HBP is also developing the product to support a mobile browser. "We're planning to launch this mobile learning solution within June-August time frame this year. As a population with high adoption rates of mobile devices, we anticipate this mobile learning solution to provide great value and update in India to both individuals and organizations," said Vivek Chachra, Director Corporate Learning, HBP India.

India's premier institute, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), offered a few certificate programmes in e-learning in the past for working executives. But it did not meet with much success. International business schools are, however, keen on exploring e-learning tools for Indian managers.

Wharton's Executive Education Division (Aresty Institute of Executive Education) has identified e-learning, especially in the mobile space, as a key part of its delivery strategy. It has formed two separate centres of excellence that will focus on what it terms as connected learning (eLearning) and mobile enabled learning. Additionally, its efforts are closely coordinated with initiatives taking place at the school level around effective use of technology to enhance the learning experience.

The institute would look at making such tools available in India as well. "I believe that embracing the dissemination of knowledge and its value proposition via mobile is key to our strategy moving forward globally. This certainly includes a focus on professionals and organizations within India,"' said Louis Metzger, senior director, IT, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Wharton Executive Education has conducted a mobile device pilot leveraging Apple's iPad. "We feel that providing this type of device (including smart phones and other handheld devices) can enhance and extend the engagement taking place in the classroom," said Metzger.

Source: The Times of India, May 7, 2011

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