Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IIT-Bombay focusses on naval research

DCNS, a world leader in naval defence and an innovative player in energy, signed through DCNS Research, a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B), dedicated to engineering and technology research.

Signed by Dr Alain Bovis, Executive Director of DCNS Research and Professor Shiva Prasad, dean of academic programmes in IIT-Bombay, the MoU opens new cooperation avenues to DCNS in India for education and research programmes in naval defence and energy. Considering their respective domains of expertise, DCNS and IIT-B expect a rapid deployment of several projects. These will include: (1) Sponsoring research and development programmes to be carried out cooperatively by IIT Bombay and DCNS Research teams; (2) Sponsoring Indian student projects and fellowships at IIT-Bombay; and (3) Training DCNS personnel through “continuing education programmes” conducted by IIT Bombay.

The research projects will be run at IIT-Bombay premises with support of DCNS Research teams or in dedicated common facilities. Thermo hydraulics, electrical engineering, material sciences are the most promising areas of scientific interaction between the two organisations.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Shiva Prasad said: “There is a huge potential for cooperation in educational programmes and R&D programmes in the maritime and energy domains between IIT-Bombay and DCNS”. Dr Alain Bovis added: “This new development emphasises our investments in long term in India. It also aims to accelerate technology progress in mutually beneficial areas by tying up with one of the top Indian research centres”.

IIT-Bombay’s vision is to be fountainhead of new ideas and of innovations in science and technology. There has been an increasing emphasis on research . This emphasis is reflected in the increasing number of postgraduates, publications, patents at the Institute. In 2011, of the 1846 degrees awarded at the convocation, 1341 were postgraduate degrees.

DCNS Research is the corporate Research Centre of DCNS, dedicated to major scientific and technology areas relevant in naval systems and systems for energy production design such as computational fluid dynamics, computational structure dynamics, material science, information technology, acoustics and electromagnetism.

This agreement is strongly supported by the Science and Technology Department of the French Embassy in India.

Source: Hindustan Times, April 11, 2012

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