Sunday, April 22, 2012

IIT-Delhi students display innovative concepts

If your mobile phone runs out of battery and there is no electric point around, IIT-Delhi's green-ion charger can prove to be a life-saver. A student at Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) is working on an eco-friendly charger that runs on kinetic energy. Simply put, it can produce an electric current when moved. So wearing it on the knee and walking ahead will be enough to charge your phone.

"The internal mechanism of the device is ready and it can produce a current of up to 5 volts, which is enough to charge a mobile phone. I am planning to design this device in the form of a pen. It will generate a current whenever the user moves forward, Also, one can just move it in a particular way with hands to charge a phone while travelling" said Gulmohar Khan, a first-year student pursuing master of design. Khan's project was one among several innovative ideas and research works put forth by IIT-Delhi on Saturday in its eighth edition of 'Open House'. Nearly 400 projects were on display at the event, which had about 2,000 visitors.
"The response to the projects has been good this time considering the rush of visitors, " said IIT-D Director R. Shevgaonkar. The responsive camouflage textiles developed by Muksit Ahamed Chowdhury from the department of textile technology attracted many visitors. The fabric made by Chaudhury changes colours and produces heat. He said the fabric was ideal for defence operations and can be used for making garments, tents or safety spots. The ceiling fan developed by Naveen Kumar and his team from the mechanical engineering department was a huge draw.

"This fan can be used even in winters as it will keep the room warm. We have attached heating coils to the blades of the fan, which are connected to power supply through separate connections. The fan will make the air warm when its blades rotate," said Kumar. The coils can be detached to use the fan in summer. "It will cost only around Rs. 500 more than a normal fan," he added. A team of five from civil engineering department is attempting to use wastepaper to build bridges. The students insist that waste paper and an adhesive mix can be joined in a unique way to form a light-weight bridge.

Source: The Times of India, April 22, 2012

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