Sunday, April 15, 2012

Visa curbs reducing GMAT applicants

Half of Indians, who appeared for GMAT in 2011, were in the 25-30 age group, up from 45% in 2007. The Asian Geographical Trend Report for GMAT examinees, however, did not see any alarm in the Indian numbers, saying, "Although lower than the TY (test year) 2009 peak, GMAT testing in India has now stabilized and showed new signs of growth during the second half of 2011."

Indian analysts saw the trend in the context of reasonsranging from a slowing economy to a greater choice of exams. A high 64% of Chinese applicants last year were women in contrast to India, where females constituted only 25% of the examinees.
Analysing the drop in Indian applicants, IIM-Ahmedabad Director Prof. S K Barua suggested several factors like visa restrictions imposed by the US and even a backlash against students being targeted in Australia in recent years.

Prof. Barua also attributed the trend to caution arising from a slowing economy in India. "The Indian economy has not being doing well which would make people wary of taking a break from a reasonably good job to appear for GMAT," he said. AICTE Chairman Dr. S S Mantha said students now had the option of a choice of exams including CAT, CMAT and MAT which could be a reason for flagging appeal. "Several states take CMAT scores so only students who are clearly opting for a college overseas sit for the test," he added.

Source: The Times of India, April 15, 2012

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