Monday, April 15, 2013

India lags behind China in research publications

A recently released ranking index on scientific progress among 16 countries in the AsiaPacific region places India much below China in terms of papers published and research output.

Sandwiched between Taiwan and New Zealand, India comes in at number seven, much below China at second rank in terms of number of research articles according to the Nature Asia Pacific publishing index 2012.

The NPI ranks institutions and countries according to the number of research articles they publish in the Nature family of journals in a one-year period.

While China has published 303 articles just below top ranking Japan’s 398, India could publish just 25 articles in Nature journals during this period. The number of publications for India has gone down from 30 in 2011.

“The country’s science effort has blown hot and cold over the past five years, in some way reflecting the relationship at home between its ambitious scientific plans and its struggle with poverty,” says the report.

The index presents the number of published articles with author affiliations to a given country or institution, and a corrected count that is adjusted according to the contribution of each author to each article based on the percentage of authors from that institution or country in the paper’s affiliations.

Source: Hindustan Times, April 15, 2013

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