Friday, January 10, 2014

A quick look on what clicks during IIM selection

The race to land one of the 3,335 seats across the 13 Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) is set to pick up speed with the Common Admission Test ( CAT) results to be announced on January 14. The individual IIMs have decided on their selection criteria; the call letters will go out later based on how students have fared overall. Here is a quick take on what the top six older IIMs have in store across various parameters.

Percentiles: What the IIMs need
The oldest, IIM-Calcutta, has kept the highest cut-off for shortlisting candidates at 95 percentile overall. IIM-Ahmedabad has relaxed the minimum overall percentile to make it to the shortlist while IIM-Kozhikode has brought back sectional cut-offs besides increasing the overall cut-off to 90. 

Gender Diversity
IIM-Calcutta will continue to award three points to women for gender diversity. It introduced the practice last year. IIM-Kozhikode and IIM-Lucknow too give extra points to women on the gender diversity front. However, IIM-Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Indore continue to not give any extra points to women.

Academic Diversity
The huge tilt in favour of engineering students has always been a bone of contention with many aspirants. Some institutes have been trying to address that with academic diversity scores. IIM-Ahmedabad has introduced a provision for direct short-list to the written aptitude test-personal interview round for the top 1% among five academic disciplines. IIM-Bangalore gives weightage to professional courses (only CA/CS). IIM-Lucknow awards three points for diversity in an academic discipline while IIM-Calcutta awards points for academic diversity at the bachelor's degree level. IIM-Indore offers no extra weightage to non-engineers.

Work Experience
Work experience gets rewarded at most of the IIMs apart from IIM-Ahmedabad and Indore. IIM-Kozhikode has brought back work experience in the short-listing criteria while IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Lucknow give work experience weightage as well. IIM-Calcutta allocates points for different levels of work experience, the highest being eight points for 31-36 months of work experience and 0 for less than six months.

Source: The Economic Times, January 10, 2014

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