Thursday, September 11, 2014

Australia steepest for foreign studies, India cheapest

Australia has once again emerged as the most expensive overseas education destination for students followed by Singapore and India the cheapest in a study conducted by a global bank. Last year, Singapore was sixth in the list.

The survey across 15 countries says while an international student in an Australian university spends $42,093 a year on university fees and living, in India the total cost works out to just $5,642. India was included in the study only this year, which has not taken into account the cost of education at Ivy League colleges.

K P Singh, an overseas studies counsellor, said, "Singapore's dollar is growing at a faster rate and therefore education there is getting expensive. The dollar rate has grown almost three times in three years." 

The survey, which spoke to over 4,500 parents across countries, also examined their attitude and behaviour towards education. Around 62% of Indian parents said the US provides the best quality of education followed by the UK and Australia.

The study, this year, also ranked the quality of education offered in these 15 nations where the US emerged as the most preferred destination in terms among parents. India, though, ranks eighth in terms of the quality of education provided, with only 5% of the respondents putting it up in their top three choices.

The research was conducted by HSBC. Data was collected on the basis of the average tuition cost for international students in the top 10 largest institutions in each country. The cost of living has been calculated taking into consideration inflation. "All these nations do offer scholarships for overseas students, but they are very limited and do not exceed 10-15% of the total number of international students studying there," said Singh.

Source: The Times of India, September 11, 2014

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