Monday, November 03, 2014

Indiana in India

Indiana University formally opened its gateway office in India to better engage with students and faculty from the country. The 3,700 square-foot suite within the Gurgaon headquarters of a US non-profit will host classes, pre-departure orientation sessions for new enrolees, conferences and other events.

Set up in February 2013 in co-operation with the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), the facility is meant to enable the university to accelerate academic activities and partnerships throughout India. The office will be used for organising symposiums, workshops, long-distance learning, lectures, working group meetings, alumni events, prospective student gatherings and more.

"The establishment of this facility is a part of our India strategy to enable us to work and collaborate with our Indian colleagues on matters of mutual interest in an atmosphere of engagement," said Michael A McRobbie, President, Indiana University, at the office located in AIIS, the NGO run by a consortium of US colleges and universities.

"We will learn from our Indian colleagues. Having a physical location in Gurgaon, which is a business hub, will help our business school students. Our overall strategy is to develop partnerships with a number of universities and to provide opportunities in re search, joint degrees to sup port studying abroad by our students from Indiana and by Indian students in the US."

He said the premises could serve as a base for classes. The university plans to use the place for visiting student groups from the Kellogg School of Business. The students would visit India for about a month every year to learn.

Besides that, aspirants can visit the office for information or clarifications regarding admissions. "This is an excellent first point of contact. Here, we have a full-time office administrator who knows the university thoroughly and can help Indian students. At different times, there will be faculty as well," he added. Also on the cards are partnerships with local universities.

Source: The Times of India, November 3, 2014

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